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Our journey started with my first baby and continues to grow one baby at a time.


Our journey started with my first baby a baby and continues to grow one baby at a time.


in 2012 our first boy Conner was born, 

I wanted him to never be afraid to follow his dreams, but in order to teach him that, I needed to follow mine!  





We believe in giving back

When you purchase one of our products, we donate meals to children in orphanages around the world.

We have partnered with a wonderful organization called Rice Bowls, they  

to donate a meals to a child in need

Their orphanages rescue, love, educate, and feed children at the same time.






Hola! My name is Joy Kelley and I am the Mom of 3 little guys and a Chilean artist living in a small town in the Southern California mountains called Crestline. I graduated from the University of Chile in Santiago with a degree in Industrial Design, but I’ve always loved Design in every shape and form. 6 years a go I moved from my home Country, you can say I am the face and the drawing pen behind the HowJoyfulShop.


The Shop

In January 2013 I decided to not only draw for my websites and blog designs, but also for fun – for the great love I have towards pen and paper, and most importantly to express my ideas, hopes and dreams. To share them with crafters, sewers, dreamers and passionates just like me. So in February 2013 I opened my shop on Etsy and a year later in 2014 I finally opened my own shop and hand-lettering website HowJoyfulShop.com

I want my artwork to inspire and encourage people. I want to share my doodles while exploring this super-fulfilling creative outlet. So I mixed hand-lettering, illustrations and some of my favorite fonts to create inspiring artwork for you to frame, gift or wear. With attention to detail and much much love, from my home studio directly to you.